1. Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. A ticket will be viewed as invalid if any part of it is missing, corrected, covered or posted.

2. Children taller than 120cm pay full price. Children under 120cm tall will not be allowed in expect Children's special. Discount ticket holders must be show their valid ID as well.

3. Doors will open 40 minutes prior to the performance. Late comers will be admitted to the auditorium under ushers' guidance. Those inappropriately dressed, misbehaving or drunk will not be allowed in and their tickets will not be refunded.

4. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods, food and beverage. Smoking and fire is not allowed in the Hall.

5. Please turn off or mute your mobile phone in the auditorium. Unauthorized filming, photography and sound recording is not permitted. Flashes are strictly prohibited.

6. If a performance is cancelled caused by the Force Majeure or other causes beyond control, the presenter will refund the tickets but will not be responsible to any other losses incurred.

7. Programs shall be subject to perform on-site.

8. Parking space is limited, we strongly advise you to use public transportation to come to the Hall.

9. Please observe the regulations of Shanghai Symphony Hall.

A: You can view the information at our official website ( can also collect free promotional materials from our Ticketing Office.

A: Our Ticketing Office is at No.1380, Fuxing Road. You can also call our Ticket Center at 4008 210 522 or log onto our official website ( to purchase tickets.

A: Ticketing Office service hours: (All year round) 09:00-20:00 hours. Start from September.2014

Telephone inquiry: (Except on weekends and public holidays) 09:00-18:00 hours.Start from September.2014

A: Taking of photographs, sound recording and video recordings using electronic devices (cameras and mobile phones) without prior permission are strictly prohibited, as is the use of flash light.

A: We would recommend that you arrive at the performance venue 30 minutes before the program starts. If you need to collect ticket in the hall, we recommend that you arrive 45 minutes before the program starts.

A: Please switch off your mobile phone or turn it to silence mode during the performance in order to maintain quietness.

A: You would be reminded not to applaud between movements. Applaud only when the entire musical piece is played.

A: If you happen to be late, you can view direct telecast of the performance on the LCD panel at the entrance. As soon as a performance ends you can ask the usher to direct you to your seat. You would be cordially reminded to be early in order to enjoy the performance in its entirety.

A: Children below the height of 1.2 meters are not allowed into the performance hall (except in performances exclusively for children).Children above that height may enter provided they have tickets. No discounts are given for such tickets (except for student's ticket).

A: There is no strict requirement for concertgoers’ attire. Nevertheless, out of respect to the performers as well as in order to attain an excellent artistic ambience, concertgoers are advised to attend performance in clean and smart-looking attire.

A: We regret to say that each performance is unique in its own right. As such tickets sold cannot be returned or exchanged.

A: We will utilize our best efforts to ensure that all performances are carried out. Occasionally due to poor weather conditions, a performer being afflicted with illness or even government's order (e.g. suspension of all entertainment activities on day of mourning) and other unique reasons a performance may be postponed or canceled. In such a case we will notify concertgoers as soon as possible through public media. We will announce compensation rules after that.

A: You can call our customer service number at 4008 210 522 during office hours and seek the assistance of our customer service staff.

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra WeChat Service Number

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WeChat Code:(SSO-smartservice)

Proceed as follows:

Click ‘Ticket Purchasing’ →‘Ticket Purchasing With One Click’ (Only support WeChat Payments).

You can also check your order in ‘My Order’ of the ‘Ticket Purchases’.
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Online Purchasing

You can visit the official website of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to buy tickets and select seats online.