There were 13 concerts in the first Shanghai Music in Summer Air Festival. Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were the resident orchestra. The opening concert and closing concert were both performed by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Long Yu and Charles Dutoit respectively, moreover, Yang Jie and Ding Yi altogether performed Mahler ‘Song of the Earth’ which was debuted in Shanghai. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra totally had three concert, especially the cooperation between Junqiao Tang to performed ‘Chou Kong Shan’. In the chamber music, the Shanghai quartet, Chinese Trio recital, for the voice, the world-class singer Shen Yang and Sumi Jo soloist concerts. 2010 MISA also invited pianist Lang Lang and Kirill·Gerstein, China Philharmonic Orchestra, Daye Lin, Xiaotang Xia, Chantal Juliet and Changyong Liao, ect. In order to created a relaxed atmosphere, all the player abandoned the traditional performance costume, audience also permitted to take drinks inside and the price of tickets were quite reasonable.
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