In July 2011, a Shanghai boy who was still in college came to the volunteer team of the 2nd MISA. He was very gentle and tender, but he was very concentrating while communicating with others. MISA working team decided to let him help to host maestro Daniel Barenboim who visited Shanghai for the first time. In some day of Summer 2016, we watched the cartoon Secrets of the Heavenly Book produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio Co. Ltd. In the 1980s by coincidence, and we became fans of its music immediately. MISA has introduced more than 10 symphonic soundtracks of foreign films, why don’t we produce one by ourselves? After we paying a visit to Shanghai Animation Film Studio, we found so many difficulties: there wasn’t the music records in individual tracks, dubbing, and scores except a roll of film. And its composer, Mr. Wu Yingju has passed away. In order to produce a live film concert, we have to remake all these parts. Also by coincidence, we invited a young composer named Shen Yiwen to coffee in last spring. And we found he was the volunteer boy in 2011! At that time, he had graduated from Julliard Music School and became one of the faculties there. When we talked about this animation music, we were moved by its vividness, fun, clearness, and elegance. He made up his mind to do the arrangement and orchestration at once. Moreover, we found ourselves very fortunate to have artists such as Su Xiu, Ding Jianhua, and Cao Lei to dub the music for the live concert. It seemed like we won the lottery! Many other things became interesting on the second glimpse on them like the story between MISA and this volunteer. Take the programming process for MISA in this year, we just intended to invite composer and conductor Alexandre Desplat as he won Academy Award with the music of Shape of Water. But he surprised us again with the soundtrack of new film Isle of Dogs, not to mention his masterpieces Harry Potter, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Twillight. And the soloists in the opening and closing concerts: Alisa Weilerstein and Helene Mercier, we only knew they were respectively the most sought-after cellist and the secret pianist in Chandos series CDs; but after googling them, we found Alison was the daughter of the celebrated violinist and educator Ronald Weilerstein, and Helene was the wife of the CEO of LVMH. And we will have the China debut of some members of legendary Underground Velvet, and many Chinese musicians hope to join the concert because 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the band. And Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra has arranged a Beatles’ song performed by a winds band because they are afraid that outdoors hot weather would do no good for their musical instruments. As for the projects with a history of over ten years, such as Shanghai Students’ Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and Little Composers Workshops, the students used to join them have been active in different musical corner all around the world. Last week, a conductor in a famous chorus in Shanghai told me that he had found an excellent composer in residence. And he is the little composer who had been chosen by New York Philharmonic Orchestra to perform on MISA stage!
SSH Concert Hall
Shanghai Symphony Chamber Hall
Shanghai Urban Music Lawn