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The Double Square
2014 MISA was the fifth time held in Shanghai. In these five years, with the change of the venue, audience also had different feeling every year. The venue changed from Shanghai Conservatory of Music Parking lot to Shanghai Culture Square, Lujiazui central green park and The Cool Docks, 2014 MISA also chose two new venues the Double Square and City lawn Music Square to celebrated the festival and both venues were completely open area without any tent or bound , in order to made the music festival more relaxing and freedom, like other foreign music festival. The opening concert official started in the 4th of July, however, due to the heavily raining, thousand of audience and staffs used three hours urgently transfer to the new Shanghai Symphony Hall to restarted the concert. The public still full of passion, although the weather was quite bad. They are also happy that they can be the fist batch to see the new hall.