Song Zuying

Song Zuying Song Zuying is the most famous soprano in China. She graduated from the department of music and dancing of China Central Nationality University and the postgraduate class for national vocality of China Music College. During tens of several years of singing of Chinese national vocality, she has created and sung nearly a thousand of Chinese national songs and large amount of Chinese and foreign art songs and aria for opera. She was acted the Chinese Opera "Die in Sadness", "Red Corel", and the music play "Equator Rain". She has sung a lot of Chinese songs, such as Spicy Girl, Happy Life, Love My China and Flying Songs on the Ground. Such songs are popular in the folk of China and the Chinese circulation in the world. Her fans are filled with the cities, villages and frontier shockaded villages in China.
In the mind of Chinese audiences, Song Zuying is the star of oriental art. She was born in the place which was the most romantic and legend and was eulogized by many poets in Chinese history – Wulingyuan in the western Hu’nan. That was a very beautiful place and a lot of outstanding talents and beautiful women were born there. It is a place where the immortals are living. Up till now there are a lot of fellowmen of Chinese minor nationalities which can sing and dance since childhood living. Among of them, Song Zuying is the descendent of Miao with most talents on singing and dancing.
In the recent years, she has been awarded many supreme awards in the various kinds of specialty music contest and the election of public opinion.
1ST Award of China Vocality Contest of Minor Nationality
Golden Award of MTV Contest of CCTV
Golden Award of the Nationality Group of “Most favorite singer” of CPB of China
1st Award of “Starlight Award” of China National Broadcasting and Television Department
The Award of Golden Disc of China
Award of Outstanding Contribution of Chinese National Vocality of CCTV
Award of Club for the opera of China
Artist of Moral and Ability, by China Ministry of Personnel and China Literature Association.
Award of Charity in China by China Department of People’s Affairs