Shanghai Yangjing Hi

Shanghai Yangjing Hi Established in October 2008, Shanghai Yangjing High School Male’s Choir is an active force of chorus among key high schools in Shanghai. Since its establishment, the choir has been rapidly developing with the substantial support from the school leaders. As a Students Art Group in Pudong New District, Shanghai, it has received wide attention from Shanghai’s music scene. Furthermore, it has joined the International Cultural Exchange Foundation and World Choral Association, becoming a member on the international chorus stage.
In July, 2009, 60 members of Shanghai Yangjing High School Male’s Choir made their debut in the choral concert composed of over 1,000 singers from Shanghai and Taiwan held in Oriental Art Center. The choir also won the golden prize of “One-Gender Youth Choir Section” and the prize of “Choir with Most Potentials” in 2009 Orientale Concentus II held in Singapore, which was specially covered by Shanghai High-School Student Post. In October, 2009, it claimed the championship in the “Performing Singing Contest of Shanghai Qualifying Match of the 3rd National Art Contest for Elementary and Middle Schools.” In May, 2010, the chorus won the “Happy Voice” and “Excellent Chorus” prizes in the “Happy Chorus” show organized by Shanghai TV. In July, 2010, it was awarded the silver prize for “Male Voice Youth Choir” in the 6th World Choir Games (Championships) with a special report by Orient Morning Post.
The choir was invited to perform in the “2010 New Year’s Chorus Concert” organized by the Chorus Association of the Shanghai Musicians Association. In November, 2010, in the 27th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition the choir won the golden prize for “Youth Choirs of Equal Voices” and the only special prize for the best performance of a work by Schubert. In October, 2010, the concert by Shanghai Yangjing High School Male’s Choir was successfully held in Shanghai Grant Theatre. In 2011, the choir successfully hosted Middle School Chorus Seminar organized by the Chorus Association of the Shanghai Musicians Association. It was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Arts Festival and Shanghai Student Arts Festival organized by Shanghai Education Committee.