Lemper,Ute This is the very first performance of Diva Ute Lemper in MISA!
Ute Lemper is a German singer and actress renowned for her interpretation of the work of Kurt Weill.
A self-proclaimed cosmopolitan, she has performed in recitals that reflect diversified cultures. Apart from performing German Kabarett, French chanson, Broadway songs and Argentine tango, she also composes songs. What’s more, she has also made appearances in a number of film and television works, not to mention her brilliant performances on the stages in Continental Europe, as well as in musicals of the Broadway of New York and West End of London. Her role of Velma in the London revival of the musical Chicago won her a Laurence Oliver Award. In addition, she also took part in the musical Cabaret in Paris, and starred another musical, The Blue Angel (based on the eponymous film starring Marlene Dietrich), in Berlin.
In this program, Ute Lemper does not limit herself solely to the music of Kurt Weill but also includes Édith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, who was widely regarded as France’s national diva. This program also includes songs by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel, as well as Marlene Dietrich’s famous Lola!
Lemper sings each of her songs like telling a story. There is Milord with a slice of disappointment in its delight, Padam in triple meter, and La Vie en Rose by Édith Piaf. Surabaya Johnny is a selection from Weill’s musical Happy End. It is a strongly theatrical piece, in which the heroine finds that her boyfriend has gone back to his life of crime, and then unleashes her anger against her love of life. Moritat / Mack the Knife is excerpted from Weill’s The Threepenny Opera. There are two melancholic yet arousing songs by Jacques Brel, Amsterdam and Ne Me Quitte Pas. Lola, selected from the film The Blue Angel, was then widely known to the public by the film, just like the song Lilli Marleen that swept through Europe and America during World War II.