Rainbow Chamber Singers

Rainbow Chamber Singers Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers was established by the students from the Conducting Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Later, it attracted chorus fans from all aspects of society, growing to be a active and vigorous young music group with exploration spirit. Its current Artistic Director is conductor and composer Mr. Jin Chengzhi, and its members are composed by chorus fans with music learning experience, including students and practitioners of various trades. It is an amateur choir with a high level of singing. The choir feels passionate about offering an extensive repertoire, covering different periods and genres. It has been cooperating with various composers and conductors to interpret many new works. The works performed by them range from Renaissance Period, classical, romanticism, to contemporary choral music; it has premiered many new works in China. Meanwhile, it has experimented new genres as well, such as national music and jazz music, and it presents two high-level recitals in a year. In recent years, it has performed many Chinese contemporary works composed by Mr. Jin, including Morning Views on Jingguang Mountain, Zeya Collection, Falling Down Clouds Collection, and Maternal Grandma. These performances have been highly approved by the audience. Beside traditional choral works, Mr. Jin also writes cross-over choral works which combines artistic music with every-day lyric, presenting as encores in concerts. Their themes resonate with young people and there’s a strong sense of contrast between their musical form and lyric expression. Therefore, once they are released, they would draw much attention. Their new form and contents have been positively recognised by netizens and insiders. The first work of this series, Where on Earth Did You Put the Key, Zhang Shichao, was released in January 2016. Themed with “lost-key”, it was viewed for tens of millions of times. In July of the same year, So Far, the Sofa is So Far took the theme of “overtime”, its related topic was read for more than 360 million of times in four days, and the video was played for near 30 million of times. It became an Internet Event and one of the buzzwords of the year. In January 2017, the video of A Spring Festival Survival Guide was played for near tens of millions of times in the day it was released. Themed with the family interrogations young people often confronting during the Spring Festival, it became a hot topic in China and abroad, and it was reported by CNN and BBC. Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers always aim to present the original and unique art charm of choral works.