What's MISA

Let us love music and share happiness. Let us make it as natural as breathing. Let us relish the easy joyful atmosphere under the night sky in summer, in the close company of fellow music lovers. Since her birth, the Shanghai “Music in the Summer Air” (MISA) Festival has created an oasis of music for everyone in the city.

Shanghai, like other major cities or top orchestras around the world, has her own featured summer music festival. As an annual cross-genre music festival centering on classical music, for as long as two weeks in every July, there will be outdoor concerts in parks all over the city. This will be an occasion where various cultural elements: movies, animations, folk music, country music, jazz, and even pop music... fusing with classical music. Coupled with multimedia presentations, the charm of music will be thoroughly unleashed, driving people to communicate with each other more by sharing the enjoyment of listening to music.